By Kipkoech Ronald

Things have changed since I came to university. Back in the day-and I’m aging myself here, common am in my final year- comrades basically needed only a mere phone, books and a ruler. Today, everything is high-tech, the student technology needs have increased. Here are the latest and greatest devices that will make school a breeze, number 1 is a must.


A basic laptop doesn’t have to be really heavy or expensive, I won’t dive into the long debate of HP,Dell,Mac or Lenovo ? (atleast not in this article). That’s not to say I can’t guide you, I recommend you go portable (11-14 inch), get a Core i CPU, at least an 8 GB RAM and also consider an 8 hour battery life though 6 is the required. Bottom line is, find yourself a laptop that will fit your small budget and give you value for your money at the same time.


Yes, this is a must have device for every Uni student, (OK, not every student, at least those who don’t want to miss out on anything, which makes it all of us) A decent smartphone will help you communicate, it will entertain you, help you keep notes, contemplating assignments, the list is endless. You need something like 1.2 GHz dual or quad core processor, at least 1GB RAM, 2000mAH battery, 8MP camera and of course mobile connectivity, now go get one if you don’t have if you didn’t have.

Laptop lock

If you own a laptop, then this is a must have. No one wants to be afraid to leave your laptop unattended while making a quick trip to the library bathroom or shuffling through the book shelves upstairs. A laptop lock solves this problem. You can get one for as low as a thousand bob , F&K Technology offers a wide range of these products at affordable prices even for as low as a thousand bob.

External hard drive

I can’t stress this enough, Backing up your computer is a necessity because every hard drive will  ventually fail, including the one holding all those term papers and research notes, photos and videos can be lost. If your computer hard drive fails. Getting a portable external hard drive like the Transcend, StoreJet25M3 with 1TB of storage will give you some peace of mind. Invest in one, you won’t regret

USB flash drive

Remember floppy disk drives? Well, USB memory sticks serve the same purpose. They allow for the easy transport of a few files from one computer to another, or they can merely offer a simple way to back up a file so you won’t think up a lame excuse for not handing in your assignment in time: “My laptop crashed” A 16GB flash drive should do just fine.

10 Devices Comrades Need