Student Council 2018/2019



I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all students of Kibabii University for having total confidence in me and electing me as their First SOKU chairperson under the new constitution.
I therefore, give you an assurance that the confidence shall not go in vain. I will work and aim tirelessly towards achieving the promises made to you during my campaign period, more so, those highlighted in my manifesto.
I also do a certain that our co- business as students of Kibabii university is to embrace knowledge and acquisition of skills as far as academic is concerned. For this target to be arrived at, a conducive and favorable environment has to be created.
Therefore, my request to my Government is that, we ought to give the students maximum attention and solve their grievances promptly. All this will be possible through cooperation and teamwork for the betterment of the entire institution, Kibabii University.
Finally, I do seek the management and the entire fraternity to grant us support which will enable my government to execute quality leadership and offering of substantial services to comrades, during this academic year. May the Almighty God see me through this and help me to articulate and offer my service with the topmost wisdom, without fear of condemnation. Thank you all once more and let’s share together our God’s blessings.