Student Council 2018/2019



With weeks changing into months and months rolling into years. It has been from one phase of achievement to another for the mightier Kibabii University. Dedication to duty and prompt production of results in all spheres of its endeavors has become enviable trademark. There is a lot of hope beckoning of good things to happen in the future, we can smell it come and we’re as sure as death that we can jostle our muscles towards it if the situation orchestrate .Any students navigating his or her education life through Kibabii university must stand up in the crowd, thump his or her chest with a lot of pride because, we are swimming in a vast ocean full of prosperity not to mention a string of endless hope in our possession. We are building castles in the air already .Is it our infrastructure? Is it our security department that is almost becoming invisible for competitors? We’re at the mountain top Kibabii despite our young age, Thanks to Professor O. Ipara. We’ve yonder beyond the expectations of many. We’ve pushed most of the pioneer universities down the pecking order. We deserve a standing ovation for tremendous achievement, we deserve an applause for biting more than we can chew and chew it without any difficulty or embarrassment.
I therefore beg every scholar in Kibabii University, to accord me and a kind of understanding, patience and trust. That the security and accommodation docket, headed by I Daniel Mwangi in conjunction with Mr Mamayi are working around the clock, in the quest to seal loop holes that have been there before. I want to echo, that the necessary measures have been put in place, to make sure that comrades pursue their dream in an environment engulfed with peace .There will be no rest nor tranquility until this is achieved. To whom much is given, much is expected .You have given me more and expect more. However, I would wish to say that security begins with you, let’s be our brothers and sisters keeper. We’re one and united. Kibabii strong! Thank you and God bless Kibabii University