“You are either a sponsor or no one,” that is the new mantra by which university students are living by and they love it.

By Nyariki Stephen

‘Sponsors’ are now becoming the most attractive ‘economic’  activity  among campus ladies. In a recent random study we did,  ladies seem to prefer having ‘sponsors’ to young campus boyfriends who they term as always broke. Forty (40%) of ladies we interviewed suggested that dating a ‘Sponyo’, as they would refer to old men, has more benefits than dating a youth.

“It’s not a bad idea to have one,considering the broke life many lead in campus. Money here is a rumor.Life here is hell,” says Elizabeth (not her real name) a Bachelor of Commerce  student  at Kibabii university.

Elizabeth also claims that some of the students are on self-sponsored program and they are left with no choice but to bank on their beauty to make some cash to push them through. And as fate would have it the young campus lads don’t stand any chance competing with sponsors for ladies,  the match is always fixed, the sponsor will always win due to their financial muscles.

“It is hard to maintain such ladies, they want money and where do we get it? They can possibly get it from sponsors,” says Hesbon a first year student.

However it’s the level of ‘carefree attitude’ a month the ladies that is saddening. According to a research carried out by Nakuru news shows that campus most campus ladies fear pregnancy more than AIDS.

They are often ready to engage in unprotected sex with ‘sponsors’ as long as the later will provide a pregnancy prevention drug mostly reffered to as p2 after the act. This might be a possible explanation to research carried on July last year shows that at least 3500 new HIV infections have been reported among women aged 15-24  in the last one year. Most campus ladies fall in this bracket).

A man who spoke to us in condition of anonymity revealed to us why they (sponsors) prefer young campus ladies. He said that the campus girls are energetic and fine in bed unlike their wives. “in fact they are hot,” added the 52-year-old man.

During our research we also made an interesting discovering, sponsors tend to prefer plump girls to skinny ones, they say that the plump ones are more fleshy and are often comfortable to be with as compared to the others.

National Aids Control Council (NACC) director Nduku Kilonzo when releasing HIV/AIDS prevalence report in Nairobi called on stakeholders to increase guidance and peer teaching among  girls.

According to Duke Nyabuto, a Kisii  University student,  it’s really hard to blame anyone since most of the campus ladies are over 18 and leagaly adults. He however condemns influential people in the society who use their positions to take advantage of young girls.

In what looks like a big insult to the value and quality of education in our varsities and other institutions of higher studies,  the sponsor venom is slowly penetrating through the academic corridors, where sex is exchanged for marks.

Lectures  are the best when it comes to academic issues,” said journalism student.
However stakeholders in the education sector have come up with different measures to cub the menace.

Gain or Loss? “Sponsors” Eye Campus Ladies