KIBU Hosts Eddie Butita Campus Tour GalleryKIBU Hosts Eddie Butita Campus Tour Gallery

Comedian Eddie Butita performed at Kibabii University in a project dubbed “Eddie Butita Campus Tour”. The event which took place on 30th October, 2019 at the Auditorium C brought together hundreds of students to partake in the show.

Big Kat Drama Concert GalleryBig Kat Drama Concert Gallery

KIBU Drama Club (BIG KAT) held a concert on Friday 9th November, 2018 in Auditorium B for students. Among the performed plays was the Red Scorpion piece which took the team to the 2018 National Drama Festivals

1st1st SOKU Electoral College Activities Gallery

1st SOKU Electoral College Activities: Campaigns, Kamukunji, Prayers for Peace, Peace Walk Campaign and Voting between 29th October- 2nd November, 2018

ACU Condom Distribution GalleryACU Club Condom Distribution Gallery

ACU Peer educators distributed condoms to students and staff within the University and to the villages around the University where non-resident students reside on Wednesday 29th September, 2018