By Collins Kiprop

Getting an invitation letter to join to a university is usually a joyful event to many, it marks the beginning of the end of the 8-4-4 system and most importantly it marks the beginning of ‘living’ ones dreams.

To many, joining University is an opportunity of living a ‘free life’, away from restrictions and strict rules in the lower levels of the system. With no cane wielding teachers to chase you around, no prefects to police you, no mandatory uniform to put on or a ‘formal’ walking style, most fresh men and women immediately change their lifestyles the moment they step in campus.

Basically, it’s always a chance to show the society a difference, or if you may, show your friends and enemies how your life is better than theirs, Now that you’ve made it, and they haven’t.

Kibabii, Bungoma: Varsity Admits Students for 2018/19 Academic Year

On a memo dated 3rd August 2018, the 2018/2019 new student’s reporting dates for admission was to be on 3rd September 2018 to 4th September 2018. The longing for campus ‘freedom’ seemed to even defy the memo and protocols as on 2nd September 2018, Sunday evening,new healthy, bright, innocent faces could be spotted in company mostly older and surprised ones. Here, parents and guardians were escorting their beloved new village elites to another world- a world of knowledge- As the old folk Chege in Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s The River Between will tell his son Waiyaki- Go my son and study the ways of the white man. Here the older generation had brought their young ones to explore and study the ways of the world.

Kibabii, Bungoma: Varsity Admits Students for 2018/19 Academic Year

Monday, early in the morning one could see the flow of activities here and there as fresh students accompanied by their parents and guardians but to some, as it seemed, by the whole clan or half the village, all lined up to get admission into the little known but fast uprising prestigious Kibabii University.

The two days process ended with several hundred new students admitted to partake various courses of their choice, as they seek to begin shaping the careers of their dreams and more so- responsibly enjoy the freedom that comes with campus life-.

Kibabii, Bungoma: Varsity Admits Students for 2018/19 Academic Year