This is the fastest animal

It is the fiercest mammal

The king of the jungle

The key to stardom

The stir of the stadium

Kibabii’s Big K.A.T is the biggest cat in the kingdom

I don’t mean to sound mean but I can’t help being me

Apart from buildings that are state of the art like nothing you have ever seen

Big K.A.T is so great a place like nowhere you have ever been

Swimming in abundance of talents and full of drama

Call it blessings, call it luck or call it karma

But having been there and done there, I prefer the former

Great actresses hail from here

I don’t wanna mention Chizi but hell yeah

And the all time drama queen Alela

Nothing like Mexican or quantanamellan

But purely African rich in mellanin

Big K.A.T is got great actresses before, now and I believe in the future

We also have some male figures who are iconic

Guys like max mash and ronix

I can’t name all in this epic

Will be kinda hectic because Big K.A.T is home of great warriors

Like a kamikaze booing and cruising amid clouds loud as hell

Big K.A.T is a force to reckon, a voice to beckon

To all yeeh heavy ladden

With identity crisis, join don’t join ISIS

but join verses

Come and let’s build a legacy Juu hatuishii hapa

Actors comedians, hata marapper

Let’s all build this skyscraper

Because sky ain’t no limit but a point of view

Big K.A.T ain’t just for me but for all of you

By Sikanga

Kibabii's Biggest K. A. T