Let us Mentor our Youth

******** NASHON JUMA ******

A lot of bad and ugly things have been witnessed among young people in schools and colleges. A couple of days ago, about thirty high school teenagers were busted by the police in Bomet in  a  party and sex orgy moments after their Kenya Certificate of Secon dary Education (KCSE) examinations. Besides, six students from Ambira Boys’ High school in Siaya County were also apprehended by the police while drunk and hurling insults to the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Amb Amina Mohammed and CS for interior Dr. Fred Matiang’i. It’s crystal clear that the young generation is plundering headlong into antisocial behavior like alcohol and drug abuse. No wonder teenage pregnancies are on the rise.

It is about time we stopped the blame game and learn from the past. In the days gone by, it took the whole village to raise a child. To raise a child that is morally upright, collective responsibility in the society would be the ultimate solution. Parents, teachers and the church must sing a common song- mentorship. It is logical that what young people don’t learn through mentorship, they will absolutely learn through experimentation. Now that schools are closed for the long December holiday, parents should use this time to raise responsible children.

Spending quality time with children also helps address the question of morality among our children. However, most parents are busy and do not have time for their children, most of whom are battling loneliness. Some are hooked to social media as others resort to drug and substance abuse. Good parenting is key in arresting wayward behavior and thus parents should take responsibility and avoid delegating their duties to house helps.
Churches should organize mentorship programmes to train and teach teens and youths. This is what will yank our youth from the deep pit of destruction and prepare them for a better future. It is indeed easier to build strong children than repair broken men. A stitch in time saves nine.