Magdalene Cherotich




To begin with, I’d like to thank God for a chance to be in Kibabii University and secondly, for an opportunity to serve my colleagues in leadership. My sincere gratitude goes to those who supported me during campaign times and comrades at large for believing in me. My family and my class members, your support has seen me this far. I thank the administration too for forming a council for us to exercise our leadership.
To my fellow leaders, real leaders are not afraid to give credit nor are the fearful of taking blame. They are more than willing to admit their faults and mistakes. Sane people don’t expect perfection from leaders, but they do expect leaders to be transparent and accountable. Accepting responsibility for your actions or the actions of your team makes you honorable and trustworthy. Put simply, leadership is about accountability, and not only being willing to take the hit, but also being capable of surviving the hit. I pledge to serve all comrades equally and in my capacity, make the faculty of science a better place to be.