Namenda Sammy




I take this golden opportunity to thank the almighty God for this far he has brought us, Kibabii.
Am grateful for entire Kibabii university fraternity for the tremendous progress made up to date. I also extend my gratitude to the magnificent fess1 comrades for candidly expressing their faith and trust in me by electing me as their first SOKU fess male representative. I belief in transformation and service, and as I move forward to achieve my pre-election pledges I call upon your support and backup as we work together, let’s work as one to transform our faculty into a classic faculty ever. The legacy we leave behind is of corporate responsibility.
Secondly, it’s of great honor to serve as resident students representative. To start with, I have to make it clear that our lives depend on one ANOTHER AND therefore let’s take care of each other’s welfare. Recent criminal activities including theft and other misdemeanor’s is of great challenge but I’m devoted to work hard so as we all enjoy residing within.
For first years congrats for making it to higher learning environment, be yourself and live campus life.