Student Council 2018/2019



This is for KIBABIANS who have considered suicide as the last option only to see a rainbow at the end of their sorrows. We barely see a rainbow when dark clouds cover our futures but it happens for a purpose. Wish to welcome everyone to this wonderful university where we all follow rules all for one and one for all.
My dream as the first SOKU secretary general together with my colleague leaders of student council, is to lead by example and fix Kibabii challenges together, surely we can fix it. Let us aim as we sail in this same ship. Though we all know some times sea waves and tides are massive, I believe our vessel will not capsize.
We understand our university is young and many challenges are before us, right from the fields to library, from halls of residence to lecture halls not forgetting water and security issue. Our leadership is therefore committed in pushing for changes. We all know our rights and we are therefore fighting for them and it is our responsibility to take part by putting aside conflicts, individualism, tribalism that may take our growth sluggishly. I am confident that our management has what it takes to make Kibabii a beacon of innovation and knowledge at this level of Kenya and beyond.
It’s true “all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.”