Poem: Forest

I miss those days

when I walked the forest

and had random thoughts

like why the cock

always had to chase the hen

before they made love

I would walk the forest

pick a pointed grass

put it in my ear

gently turn it around

enjoy the tingle

bring the grass out

look at the brown wax

throw it away

and repeat with the other ear


I would walk deeper

find a free range sativa herb

pick some leaves

chew them

climb the tall Mrihi tree

choose a strong branch

sit up there

feel the breeze

listen to the birds

look at the horizon

look down

like God


Sometimes I would take

my girlfriend with me

We would find tundukula

and ng’ambo and tsungwi

and find some soft ground

spread a lesso

and eat the sweet and sour berries

Then we would walk

to the mtsedzi tree

to find maungo

the edible larvae

which we would carry home

to eat with the evening meal


But I can no longer go to the forest

I can no longer take my girlfriend there

I don’t wanna walk there alone

Just the other day

two bodies were found

deep in the forest

They say it was Ndomsa

a big man from the city

and his young girlfriend

Today another body was found

deep in the forest

They say it’s Tina

a girl from the university

who was pregnant


Bad things are happening

in the forest nowadays

I don’t wanna go there

By Moses The poet