Student Council 2018/2019



The Special Interest docket deals with students who are abled differently, needy students, international students and the special group (part time and evening) students.
To start with, by including people with disabilities, as we do to other members of our community, as part of our lives, at school, work or in community and sporting activities we encourage oneness and unity. The fact that one cannot walk doesn’t mean he doesn’t not have brilliant ideas in solving the world’s problems. In fact, in most cases they are rated to have the highest IQ and brilliant talents. The dream of every scholar is to make it in life and there is absolutely no exception to those who require extra attention to do so. The special interest docket therefore handles issues concerning students with disability so they can meet a fair ground of reaching their goals as the rest of the students.
Secondly, students at times find themselves in financial constraints and in this (Kibabii) community, a needy student’s kitty is being provided to help them out. This funding is offered on the basis of the student’s inability to complete their fees. Part of their fees is cleared by the administration. This serves as a relief to the student’s guardian as their burden is alleviated.
Thirdly, the docket represents and addresses the issues of the special group to the administration.
In a nut shell, this docket ensures equality in all SOKU activities. Jim Morrison stated these, “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” Therefore let us get rid of discrimination and any form of favoritism to allow our students to unleash their innermost potential for a better Kibabii community.