In campus she was a call girl,  her mother was a cougar

She was hundred percent genetically predisposed to become her and she hated

She dated old guys for money

She didn’t believe in shooting stars, but she believed in shoes and cars

She was so confused and dull

Beauty without brains in skull

Didn’t know how to dress in school

Though she thought she dressed cool

Thinking she was too cool for school she spend most of her school time watching cool boys play pool outside kibabii campus

She has no food and she ain’t no fool

To sit around listening to a bunch of gibberations in the name of lectures

So she said

Her father died and her mother lied about it every day

She doesn’t wish to be like her when she grows up but as she blows up

The more she denies her, the more she becomes her

Her mind is fugazi

Her head is so crazy

Her body so lazy

But it’s amazing how she keeps them intellectuals coiled around her little finger

They keep on cooing around her little figure

Singing praises

And bringing down paradise right to her feet

Paying her fee and calling her swee…sweet names

She is doing a course that is interconnected with other courses

She forces her closest friends to keep her informed about her real course

As she deals with the inter-course that she is so accustomed to

They call her Molly

They give her money and she gat power

Money and power are twins

Money ain’t power but money empower and wins

She believes she is too right to be wrong

But life is too short to belong

She gotta make it right with her soul

Before she meets her fall


By Sikanga

Spoken Word: Molly