By Wyclife Ochieng

Tradition! Tradition! Where is our tradition that our great grandparents left for us. That which was to be passed from generations to generations? Or, are we not that generation that was being referred to? Or, are we our own generation? Yes, maybe. I am talking of that our own very tradition that would define us, bring us together and would show who we are and what we are made of as a community. Oh, modernity has given it a blow.

Where is the unity that we had! Communities have been turned into towns today and the communal unity has died and shall be buried soon. In 2007, it died and we buried it…

Uniqueness of a man and a lady and a man have changed. Today a man is defined with how many six packs he has, broad chest, talk of muscles, and then seal it with the weight of the wallet. That is what a lady of today shall follow in the name of love. Oh modernity! Original love has gone and China one is on board. Today, we fall in love instead of growing in love. Let the earth re-rotate please.

Tradition Vs Modernity