By: Masivula Emmanuel


Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

NORAH KIPRUTO: 2nd Year – Journalism and Mass Communication
Were glad to have a nominee from our department hoping that when we vote in in large number, hell present our grievances about the media lab equipment this year’s election has a high number of turn up as compared to the previous year’s elections. Thanks for improvised security. Success

Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

DANIEL WAKO:  3rd Year – Journalism and Mass Communication
Uchaguzi wa mwaka huu una amani pia hauna ushindano mkubwa maanake, wachache ndio wanang’ang’ania vyeo mbalimbali. Upinzani umepunguzwa hivyo basi, sadakta sana kwa  uongozi wa chuo kikuu cha Kibabii na pia kuenea uelekazaji bora kwa vituo vya kupiga kura. Kilalaheri.



Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

LUCY ACHIENG ODIRA – 2nd year. Bachelors Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Nashon Juma Mwakazi challenged me that, “he who started a good work he knew shall bring it to competition and through his determination and encouragement”
Not really my first time into leadership, I draw it all the way from my primary school level. Since I believe in service delivery, I saw it best to vie for this position. This year’s election was perfect due to the prevalence of a peaceful environment and large number of students turn up towards casting votes.
Vote wisely for a leader who isn’t egocentric in nature, greedy and understanding. Thank you.

Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021



My grandfather once challenged me in that “when you go and people decide that they want you to lead them, just accept.”

I’ve a long portfolio of leadership all the way from by high school where I contested and won the Deputy and later the presidential seat. Here in Kibabii University I’d tried the same in my 1st and 2nd year to lead but I missed to cling to any. This year, I’ve developed enough skills and experience to serve the students.

“Everyone wish to have a leader not a boss,” this elections atmosphere is fit due to limited contesting aspirants unlike the previous years where 9 aspirants went unopposed

Elections come, elections go. No barrier, we remain students of Kibabii through unity and peace.

Peace prevail.

Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

PAUL MULWA .1st Year Bachelor of Commerce


I cherish “Let us step on corruption,” by Arch bishop Anthony Muheria

Being that I won the games captain in high school I believed that the level of leadership isn’t the same as that of education. I pleasure to serve people especially the SOBE group of Kibabii University. The elections at times go rough as even the aspirants may go wild and rude but politics will come and go. Leadership shall endure with or without me.

I love you all. Thanks.

Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

DAVID OKOTH. 3rd Year _ Bachelors Degree of Criminology


“Yes We Can,” said President Barack Obama. This meant to me that anyone can lead irrespective of gender, race.

Being my first time in campus politics, I believe to serve the students skillfully by removing the traits of prejudice and ethnicity. Less secure is this year’s SOKU election as compared to the previous elections.

Whoever win or lose, take it easy, I wish you well.


Views on the Progress of SOKU Elections 2020/2021

BRIAN OUMA. 3RD Year_ Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce


My father once told me that “Brian you are potentially able to lead therefore, kindly go for it whenever you find a space”

I participated for the dormitory captain in high school and won. Here in Kibabii University I’ve learnt that comrades need change and that is what I’m after to impose to them. This year’s election is extremely competitive and only the qualifications of a true leader attains this.

Comrades, make wise decisions. Thank you


WANGUI AMOS: 3rd Year _ Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication


I’m encouraged by Martin Luther King when he said, “the hottest part ever prepared in hell is for those who see things go wrong and hesitate to attend to them”

I hope for the best. From my service as the Org. secretary for the Journalism Club and from the high school leadership I had, id learnt to serve people with diligence and accountability. Mine is a call from God. This year’s election are well prepared and set up.

We are and shall still be students of Kibabii. Thanks.