Student Council 2018/2019



Welcome to Kibabii University where we are committed in academic excellence and focused on enhancement of new knowledge and innovation. It is indeed a journey of thousand miles that we embarked on some few years ago as a university. As we strive to be a global and dynamic university of excellence in science, technology and innovation we have seen tremendous progress academically, socially and even development wise. This have been made possible by our selfless stakeholders ranging from management, staff, students and the whole Kibabii fraternity.
Our future as a university is becoming bright and brighter each day, lets all arise and shine for the light has come and the glory of God is upon us .As our Vice Chancellor puts it ‘We have come of age. Academically its my believe that Kibabii University is offering the very best in production of highly competitive graduates to suit the job markets. Lets join hands in making the university even a much better campus globally and maintaining our Academic Integrity. Lets make the challenges and the problems we face today as a university a bridge toward our success. Hand in hand together we will do more, we will learn more, achieve more and finally we will become more. Viva KIBU.